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Reducing Property Taxes and Strategies with Bill Snyder CPA

[PODCAST] Reducing Property Taxes and Strategies with Bill Snyder CPA and Joe Cucchiara

podcast-synderTax season is coming up which means it’s time for Shannon & Snyder CPA, Bill Snyder, to rejoin Joe in the studio.  Developing strategies to reduce commercial property taxes became Bill’s specialty after the last real estate downturn and today he has come to share a few strategies that could be right for you. Specific topics include:

  • What commercial building owners may not know about property taxes
  • Companies who have benefited by working with Bill
  • Audits and consultations
  • San Francisco, Santa Clara and San Mateo County difficulties and untapped opportunities
  • Who should be contacting Bill

Listen to the PodCast below. Enjoy.

If you own or manage commercial property and want a free property assessment to see if your property is a good candidate for a property tax reduction, schedule a free consultation here: https://sscpa.acuityscheduling.com/

Why professional property tax appeal representation matters

Case Study: Property located in Alameda County, retail strip mall, with poor access and visibility.

SSCPA argued this caused vacancy and lower rents than the market, which resulted in a nice refund below.  And this is just for one year. Don’t miss out on your property tax refund!

Irvington County of Alameda Refund Check

Contact Bill Snyder CPA now for a truly no-hassle no-charge property tax evaluation at 408-241-8700. In just a few minutes we can tell if your property is a good candidate for a tax reduction.  Or feel free to schedule your consultation online here 24-7.

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How attorneys and CPAs benefit from our property tax appeal services

We don’t let the IRS determine our INCOME tax.

Why let the county assessor determine our PROPERTY tax?

Businessman in front of booksFind out how much your clients can save by having a CPA that specializes in property taxes review both real and personal property tax payments.

We have recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars for our clients. 



The professionals that refer their clients to us say that they like having a CPA to solve their client property tax issues because we:

  • Specialize, so we a can be more efficient.
  • Charge a contingent fee, so the client only pays when we are successful.
  • Represent clients for personal property tax audits. We will handle the entire audit and typically find refunds for up to 4 years. This can be a huge opportunity.
  • Offer free reviews of existing valuations and tax payments.
  • Provide guidance with complicated property tax issues surrounding change of ownership, new construction, partial interest transfers, escape assessments, etc.
SSCPA-HomeBanner2 (2)The deadlines for appealing property tax values differ depending on the issue and county.
We know all deadlines for the entire state of California. Many counties require filing of appeals by September 15.

Accepted OfferWe are ready to take care of your clients. 

How to achieve larger refunds and save property taxes forever!

Case study – How SSCPA helps our clients achieve larger refunds and save property taxes forever after “Base Year” transfers

We just resolved a case in Santa Clara County which was a reassessment after a transfer of a 50,000 square foot office building to a family LLC that was a greater-than-50% change of ownership.

The assessor initially valued the property at the time of transfer at $10,990,000, so we filed an appeal.  Once the hearing date was determined, we were assigned a different Santa Clara County appraiser who offered a reduction to $10,400,000.  He attempted to persuade us by suggesting this was a good deal because it represented a $590,000 reduction in assessed value.

However, we still thought the value should be lower, based on market rents, capitalization rates and vacancy issues, as well as recent sales of office buildings in the area.  We presented our full workup on the value to the county appraiser at $9,500,000 and he agreed to discuss it with his supervisor.

Accepted OfferAfter discussion, the assessor agreed to stipulate to a value of $9,600,000 and we accepted.  This is a good example of what can happen if you represent yourself and do not have a clear answer or valuation to present to the assessor – instead of countering with facts surrounding the property and market, most people would be happy to have achieved the $590,000 reduction.

However, our representation resulted in a reduction of $1,390,000, an additional $800,000 reduction compared to the first offer.  This reduction is permanent under California Proposition 13, which requires that a new “base year” value is established upon transfer, and the assessed value cannot be increased in future years above an inflation factor (no more than 2% per year).   This means that the additional reduction that we achieved will save the family LLC a minimum of $9,000 per year for as long as it owns the property.  Our fee is a percentage of the savings for 2 years.  Not a bad deal.

Base year transfers occur when there is a sale, a transfer of ownership of more than 50%, or when there is new construction.  These new assessed values should always be reviewed.

Own commercial property in California?
Have a property tax appeal in progress?
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$28,451.93 reasons we made this client smile!

Shannon and Snyder CPAs helped this Santa Clara property owner appeal their commercial property tax.

Sycamore Property Tax Refundnc

The assessed value was reduced from $3,346,397 to $1,000,000 resulting in the tax refund above.

Warning! The tax appeal filing season for many California counties ends SEPTEMBER 15th. The other counties are November 30th.

Is it your turn to save thousands in tax! Contact us right away for a free property analysis and you may be celebrating soon too! Our services are on a contingent basis – NO savings = NO fee.

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