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Reducing Property Taxes and Strategies with Bill Snyder CPA

[PODCAST] Reducing Property Taxes and Strategies with Bill Snyder CPA and Joe Cucchiara

podcast-synderTax season is coming up which means it’s time for Shannon & Snyder CPA, Bill Snyder, to rejoin Joe in the studio.  Developing strategies to reduce commercial property taxes became Bill’s specialty after the last real estate downturn and today he has come to share a few strategies that could be right for you. Specific topics include:

  • What commercial building owners may not know about property taxes
  • Companies who have benefited by working with Bill
  • Audits and consultations
  • San Francisco, Santa Clara and San Mateo County difficulties and untapped opportunities
  • Who should be contacting Bill

Listen to the PodCast below. Enjoy.

If you own or manage commercial property and want a free property assessment to see if your property is a good candidate for a property tax reduction, schedule a free consultation here: https://sscpa.acuityscheduling.com/

Why professional property tax appeal representation matters

Case Study: Property located in Alameda County, retail strip mall, with poor access and visibility.

SSCPA argued this caused vacancy and lower rents than the market, which resulted in a nice refund below.  And this is just for one year. Don’t miss out on your property tax refund!

Irvington County of Alameda Refund Check

Contact Bill Snyder CPA now for a truly no-hassle no-charge property tax evaluation at 408-241-8700. In just a few minutes we can tell if your property is a good candidate for a tax reduction.  Or feel free to schedule your consultation online here 24-7.

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Massive property tax reduction in Alameda County

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Massive property tax reduction in Alameda County.

551 Brown Rd   Google Maps1

Our client engaged Shannon & Snyder to reduce the assessed value of their 87,000 square foot light manufacturing building in Fremont.

With a 2012 assessed value of $13,100,000, the assessor put on a case to the Appeals Board at $9,500,000. 

Shannon & Snyder put on its case for an assessed value of $5,100,000 (roughly a $4 million reduction over the assessor’s valuation) – and we crushed it.

The board agreed to reduce the value to $5,500,000, a 58% decrease.

We also put on our case for 2013 and the board liked it so much that they set the value at $5,600,000.

These two reductions will result in property tax refunds of over $175,000.