[PODCAST] Reducing Property Taxes and Strategies with Bill Snyder CPA and Joe Cucchiara Tax season is coming up which means it’s time for Shannon & Snyder CPA, Bill Snyder, to rejoin Joe in the studio.  Developing strategies to reduce commercial property taxes became Bill’s specialty after the last real estate downturn and today he has come… Read More

Case Study: Property located in Alameda County, retail strip mall, with poor access and visibility. SSCPA argued this caused vacancy and lower rents than the market, which resulted in a nice refund below.  And this is just for one year. Don’t miss out on your property tax refund! Contact Bill Snyder CPA now for a truly… Read More

A case denying a hospital a property-tax exemption is a wake-up call for not-for-profit hospitals around the country. A recent property tax case from the Tax Court of New Jersey should serve as a warning to tax-exempt medical centers and their tax advisers throughout the country. Although this case was specific to New Jersey, similar… Read More

We get this question a lot. Nobody wants to get an increase in their assessed value after filing for a reduction. People want to know the risks involved in filing a property tax appeal. Assuming you have nothing to hide, such as added square footage that was not permitted by the County Building Department, there… Read More

We don’t let the IRS determine our INCOME tax. Why let the county assessor determine our PROPERTY tax? Find out how much your clients can save by having a CPA that specializes in property taxes review both real and personal property tax payments. We have recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars for our clients.     … Read More

Case study – How SSCPA helps our clients achieve larger refunds and save property taxes forever after “Base Year” transfers We just resolved a case in Santa Clara County which was a reassessment after a transfer of a 50,000 square foot office building to a family LLC that was a greater-than-50% change of ownership. The… Read More

Case Study: An investor client in Riverside County California purchased an office building anticipating the above – market rental income of the existing tenants. The purchase price reflected not only the value of the building but also the value of the lease, and the assessor put the entire amount on the property tax roll. This is… Read More

Shannon & Snyder CPAs are the go-to experts for property tax matters in California. Generally, ownership changes of more than 50% cause properties to be reassessed at market value as of the date of change of ownership. This often occurs when estate planning attorneys advise their clients to transfer properties to trust or family partnerships. Likewise,… Read More

Most people in Santa Clara County are aware that the residential real estate market is red hot. Last week I got three calls from new clients that built new homes in Palo Alto who received notices from the County Assessor showing enormous values for the new structures. For example, one property that was totally demolished… Read More