How attorneys and CPAs benefit from our property tax appeal services

We don’t let the IRS determine our INCOME tax.

Why let the county assessor determine our PROPERTY tax?

Businessman in front of booksFind out how much your clients can save by having a CPA that specializes in property taxes review both real and personal property tax payments.

We have recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars for our clients. 



The professionals that refer their clients to us say that they like having a CPA to solve their client property tax issues because we:

  • Specialize, so we a can be more efficient.
  • Charge a contingent fee, so the client only pays when we are successful.
  • Represent clients for personal property tax audits. We will handle the entire audit and typically find refunds for up to 4 years. This can be a huge opportunity.
  • Offer free reviews of existing valuations and tax payments.
  • Provide guidance with complicated property tax issues surrounding change of ownership, new construction, partial interest transfers, escape assessments, etc.
SSCPA-HomeBanner2 (2)The deadlines for appealing property tax values differ depending on the issue and county.
We know all deadlines for the entire state of California. Many counties require filing of appeals by September 15.

Accepted OfferWe are ready to take care of your clients.