New construction in Palo Alto causes absurd assessment valuation

Most people in Santa Clara County are aware that the residential real estate market is red hot. Last week I got three calls from new clients that built new homes in Palo Alto who received notices from the County Assessor showing enormous values for the new structures. For example, one property that was totally demolished […]

Is your residential or commercial property overassessed?

With the California real estate market on the upswing, what kinds of properties are over assessed by County Assessors?  One huge area is new construction. Generally, County Assessors are very aggressive in valuing new construction, whether residential or commercial, so these reassessments should be reviewed and likely appealed. There is no downside in filing an […]

The commercial property tax appeal process in California

We asked Bill to share his knowledge of the appeals process and what is involved for the property owner. Bill Snyder is a certified public accountant with specialized knowledge in California property tax law and the appeals process. He has been a CPA for over 30 years and is a partner in the accounting firm […]